This is not a story about being successful or not: it’s about being a hero or a villain!

Hazar wants to be the greatest hero ever and defeat Abigor, the archenemy of humankind. But Hazar has a dark side in him, a trace of Abigor that he doesn’t know, yet. Hazar needs to fight against himself first, and always. If he wins that battle the world will be safe; if he loses, the world will be darkest than ever! And Hazar’s closest companion is Kali, a female warrior he is in love with.



Set in the neon twilight of a futuristic Chinese-influenced megacity, it follows two lonely souls, Jack, a hardened assassin, and April, a nightclub singer. Together, they search for what it once was to be human, until it confronts them, revealing the true mystery of their existence.



At the end of the 19th century wrestling was not only the most popular sports but also one of the biggest events in show business. Legendary wrestlers like Hackenschmidt, Sabes, Sandow, Gotch fought for the title of ‘the strongest man in the world’. But there was a mysterious one whose name still instills fear. This is the story of a man who is the embodiment of power and always considered as a myth. A wrestler who hit the opponents to the ground just in 4 seconds. A champion who has never been defeated in his life… This is the unbelievable true story of Youssouf Ishmaelo who became The Terrible Turk!



Awarded by festivals, Serkan Ozturk’s directorial debut traces down Hitler’s footsteps in today’s world. What is a dictator? Is it a person, or an idea which is still in charge in many countries right now? And if there are so many ‘’Today’s Hitlers’’ around, are we sure that the blood thirsty evil is really dead?



Meet Oliver Sunshine! He is the broken gear in a nuclear plant, the deadly hole in the Ozone layer, and the least orderly man in the most orderly city. According to the chaos theory, they say ‘’If a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon jungle, the rest of the world may soon be ..cked up and still thank God for the extend of the havoc since it was just a butterfly, not Oliver!’’ One man destroys the whole city all by himself, three times over, and now the only hope for the city is that very man.



She was quite some celebrity to the rest of the world when she made the same mistake as others venturing to America just to be more famous! She meets people in the industry, prepares for auditions, and even has coffee in a shop with a Brad Pitt look-alike, but only from behind. Unfortunately she never gives up, and scrambling for fame she does things not to be remembered proudly. And one day her dreams come true, but not like the way she dreamed about. She becomes so famous in US that the NSA (National Security Agency, or in this case National Shame Agency) deports her immediately and her own country shuts the door on her eternally.