MAESTRO Productions is an adult in a baby’s body.

After being delivered in 2018 from the mother ‘MAESTRO Corporate Group’ (which also happens to be the father), we built up a team each member of whom has at least 20 years of international experience in the TV&Film industry. Ergo, we are a brand-new company with decades of experience.

We love telling stories just like almost everyone else.
We love colors, we love flavors, we love spices (except white pepper), and we love discovering different tastes. And to be honest, we have some appetite!

Yes, in the end we tell stories just like everyone else. But we can give a lifetime guarantee for our desire to do a ‘different’ thing every time we deal with a story; deliciously different, apparently new, and delightfully delicious. It is all about using words for structure, colors for spirit, and spices for taste (except white pepper).